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Democritus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The theory of Democritus and Leucippus held that everything is composed of " atoms", which are physically, but not .


Atomic Theory - University of Oregon
The atoms in Democritus theory themselves remain unchanged, but move about in space to combine in various ways to form all macroscopic objects.

Atomic Theory - University of Oregon
An ingenious escape was proposed in the fifth century B.C. by Democritus. . Early atomic theory stated that the characteristics of an object are determined by .

Democritus Biography |
Of all of Democritus's many-sided interests, his espousal of the atomic theory . Democritus did not originate the atomic theory; he learned it from its founder, .

The Atomistic Philosophy of Leucippus and Democritus
They denied that the motion of atoms is impelled in any way, instead they held that atoms move at random, like in the modern kinetic theory of gases. Democritus .

Democritus biography
Democritus of Abdera is best known for his atomic theory but he was also an excellent geometer. Very little is known of his life but we know that Leucippus was .

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The Necklace of Democritus
Leucippus called these indivisible particles atoms. Leucippus's atomic theory was further developed by his disciple, Democritus, (the subject of our story) who .

Atomic theory - Democritus: A Molecular Dynamics simulation
Atomic theory. About 400 B.C. the Greek philosopher Democritus suggested that all matter was formed of different types of tiny discrete particles and that the .

Democritus (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Democritus' theory of perception depends on the claim that eidôla or images, thin layers of atoms, are constantly sloughed .


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General Chemistry/Atomic Structure/History of Atomic Structure ...
The earliest known proponent of anything resembling modern atomic theory was the ancient Greek thinker Democritus.

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What is the difference between Dalton's atomic theory and Democritus'
Dalton said more about atoms, but all based on evidence, rather than opinion. Democritus's theory was philosophy. Dalton's was science as we understand it .'s_atomic_theory_and_Democritus'_atomic_theory

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