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WEC220/UW258: Dealing with Snakes in Florida's Residential ...
Due to their dark coloration, harmless Black Racers are sometimes incorrectly . golden yellow snake with four dark longitudinal lines running down its back.


FLMNH - Florida Snakes Identification
7a, Back glossy black, 3 red stripes, belly red with black spots, sharp spine on tip of tail; large, 35-66" (89-167 cm). stripes, snake Rainbow Snake, Farancia .

Herps of Arkansas: Snakes
Jan 21, 2012 . Tan with darker brown hourglass-shaped bands. Bands sometimes thinly . Venomous! Smallish. Gray with black crossbands and rust-colored middorsal stripe. . Family: Colubridae (Harmless Egg-Laying Snakes). Genera: .

Snakes of Louisiana | Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Much of the content has been taken from Snakes of Louisiana .

Species Profile: Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta) | SREL Herpetology
Black rat snakes are more northern in distribution and are characteristically black on . Yellow rat snakes are greenish, yellow, or orange with four dark stripes .

Kentucky Snakes
to the impressive 6-foot black rat snake. Some like the slender . include tourniquets or constricting bands, venom extraction devices, cutting across the . It is a heavy-bodied snake with dark, sometimes V-shaped cross- bands, on a yellow, .

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eNature: FieldGuides: Search Results
Greay/tan-brown/rosy on body, with 3 stripes. Short & b read more . Dark, black or purplish, with a pink or reddish underside. 13 rows of smooth . Large, slender, agile, black snake with white on chin and throat (more than No read more .

Nonvenomous snakes
This bluish-black snake often has some orange-red pigment on the chin and neck. . The pattern of this constrictor has the red rings touching the black rings ( in the . ring around the neck; the belly is yellow to orange with a row of dark spots.

The Snakes of Virginia
snake with dark. wide, brown, olive or black cross- bands on a lighter background of the same colors. Old ones are almost uniformly dark. Inside of the mouth is .


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Austin Area Snake Identification: Snakes With Stripes
Checkered Garter Snake: Males: 12-18 inches, females: up to 3 feet. Thin white or yellow stripe down the back, surrounded by checkerboard pattern of black .

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Venomous Snakes of NC
tail not black with yellow rings. Nonvenomous snake. (31 species in North Carolina). FIGURE 7. Cottonmouth. Wide dark stripe from eye to angle of jaw. FIGURE .

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