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Using the JPEG Unit
I never had to buy film for it, there were no developing costs, and I could view the . After a bit of research on the Delphi 4 JPEG unit, I wrote a handy viewer that can be . After some experimentation, I decided against using an image control; .


Access & jpg - MS Access jpeg techniques
Displaying jpeg images on an Access 97 form. Displaying JPEG using Access XP Runtime jpg files through image control Access 2000. JPEG Images in Access .

Free Delphi components - with source
When a user right-clicks the taskbar button a system menu gets displayed for the . of a matrix of pictures and assign the "cell picture" to another image control. . JPG .ICO with NO lines of code. For other image types (.tiff, .gif,etc) you can use .

Components > Graphics > GIF Images. Torry's Delphi Pages
A Delphi component TGif (descendant of TImage) is provided to show how to . TGifImage is an image control with one extra property allowing it to display GIF .

Flex 3 - Using a busy cursor
JPG"); } private function loadComplete(event:Event):void { CursorManager. removeBusyCursor(); } ]]> </mx:Script> <mx:VBox> <!-- Image control to load the image. . If you set the enabled property to false when you display a busy cursor, Flex .

PNG-supporting Libraries and Toolkits
Apr 30, 2011 . (This is an ActiveX control for displaying PNG images and MNG animations. . ( This is an ActiveX "image control for building database applications with . ( Delphi's native PNG support is available via CLX only; the older VCL . formats to be converted to PNG, GIF or JPEG on the fly and served to the user.

Kerby Anderson
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Kerby Anderson

ActiveX control for image display, Twain scanning and image ...
ActiveX / OCX image control for the display, edit and manipulation of images. . Support for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, PCX, TIFF and WBMP image formats. . environments that support ActiveX, such as Visual Basic or Delphi as well as .

C# Save and Load Image from Database - CodeProject®
Mar 5, 2009 . HTML img tag and Image control in C# always look for an image on . how to convert image to bytearray and how to use generic handlers. . Working in open systems development since 1997 in Delphi, Java, C++ and C#.

TMS Software | VCL Components for Delphi, C++Builder | TMS ...
Delphi, C++Builder VCL component sets; Delphi, C++Builder .


What is Probe?

Uncommon Controls
Jun 25, 2002. a ListView could be used as an Image control that can display JPEG, . a tool that converts Borland Delphi and C++ Builder VCL Forms into a .

How to get the RGB value of a pixel under the mouse cursor
Sep 7, 2009 . Open source software, Delphi components, Tutorials & more. . Pixels[X, Y]; {The image can't be a JPG} GetRGB(ColNumb, R, G, B); {Here are . mouse over an image control that is displaying a bitmap and displays the red, .

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NEDImage - Northeast Data Corp. - ActiveX Controls for Windows ...
This ActiveX Image control displays, prints and saves images easily. Supports JPEG, TARGA, PCX, BMP, TIFF (G2, G4, color), and Kodak Photo CD. . through 2010, Access 97 & 2000-2007, FoxPro 3.0, Borland Delphi, VC++ 5.0 or greater.

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