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Indian Ringneck Parakeet, IRNs, Ringneck Parakeet, Rose Ringed ...
A site dedicated to ringneck parrots. Offers information on breeding, housing, taming, and feeding.


Indian Ringneck | Diet & Feeding A Pet Ringneck
Asiatic parrots in particular seem to be birds that really enjoy trying different foods . My Indian Ringnecks have such an appetite that anything that is placed into .

Indian Ringneck Parakeets - Birds -
A look at keeping Indian Ringneck Parakeets as pets. Ringneck description, photos, tips . Indian Ringneck Parakeets. By Alyson Kalhagen, Guide .

Living With Indian Ringneck Parakeets
Readers Respond: What It's Like to Live With an Indian Ringneck Parakeet. Responses: 57. By Alyson Kalhagen, Guide. See More About: .

About Indian Ringneck Parakeet: Training, Temperament ...
The Indian Ringneck Parakeets have been held in admiration and esteem since ancient times. They are a large parakeet, sought after for the superiority in their .

Rose-ringed Parakeet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Indian-ringnecked (aka IRN) Parakeet (P. krameri manillensis) originates from the southern Indian subcontinent and has feral and/or naturalized populations .

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Train Your Indian Ringneck to be a Loving Gentle Bird. |
Watch free video on solving Indian Ring Neck Parrot behavior problems. . For more Indian Ring Neck Parrot Training Tips you'll want to sign up for my free .

Train Your Indian Ringneck Parrot |
Train Your Indian Ringneck Using Positive and Proven Training Techniques. . For information and training tips for your parrot, visit Bird Tricks. At Bird Tricks, we .

Winged Wisdom Magazine - Introduction to Ringneck Parakeets
Jun 30, 1997 . (an adaption from "The Beginner's Guide To Ringneck Parakeets") . color, with the Indian Ringneck being the best known and most generally .


What is Probe?

Perfect Pet
1 Hand Raised Indian Ringneck Parakeet Preferably between 10 and 20 weeks. Sex or color makes no difference. 1 Cage Metal, 3/4 inch spaced bars, .

Indian Ringneck parrots
Feeding Guide. Indian Ringneck parrots should be fed a variety of different seeds , fruits and vegetables daily. There are a number of foods that are toxic to birds, .

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Talking Bird Playing Games - Indian Ringneck Parakeet - YouTube
Sep 12, 2007 . Talking blue Indian Ringneck parakeet playing games & interacting with feathered roomies (dove & finches) that don't know what to make of it.

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