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Kapu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kapu refers to the ancient Hawaiian code of conduct of laws and regulations. The kapu system was universal in lifestyle, gender roles, politics, religion, etc.


Ancient Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The legal system was based on religious kapu, or taboos. There was a correct way to live, to worship, and even to eat. Examples of .

THE KAPU SYSTEM - Hawaii Christians Online
THE KAPU SYSTEM. The ali'i convinced the common people that they had inherited divine power (mana) and were divinely chosen by the gods to rule.

Hawaii History: Pre-Contact
With the aid of kapu, the scarce island resources were protected from over- exploitation. The Kapu System separated Hawaiian society into four groups of people: .

Hawaii History: Post-Contact
The Hawaiian Kapu System of law was seriously challenged when foreigners began to arrive in Hawaii. Captain Cook's arrival in 1778 opened the islands to the .

Breaking of the kapu - Hawaii History - Short Stories
. death and his succession to power, Kamehameha's son Liholiho disregarded the sanctity of the kapu system that was the backbone of Hawaiian society.

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authority. Thus, the effect of the abolition of the kapu system was to destroy most of the religious and supernatural foundations of the. Hawaiian political structure.

Culture & Legend
When one speaks of ancient Hawaiian culture, one of the first things to come to mind may be the "Kapu" system. The social order of old Hawaii was defined by .

polynesian tribal hawaiian culture and Society
Hawaiian Culture & Society Kapu System and Caste System of Ancient Hawai'i. Polynesian Caste system. Tribal Polynesian culture and society evolved into .


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Hawaii History |
In 1820, the first Protestant missionaries arrived on Hawaii's Big Island filling the void left after the end of the kapu system. Hawaii became a port for seamen, .

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THE KAPU SYSTEM ON KAUA'I. The new Tahitian arrivals to Kaua'i had a governing set of laws and rules (kapu) which helped guide them in how they treated .

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