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People of the Revolution
Lafayette | Odell | Ottendorf | Revere | Rochambeau | Stansbury | Tallmadge | Thompson | Washington | . Before the Revolution, he was a well-to-do merchant.


Letter--August 15, 1781--Baron Ottendorf to ?--Page 1
Spy Letters of the American Revolution. August 15, 1781 -- Baron Ottendorf to ? ( Page 1 of 3) . Deposition of Miss Jenny after returning from the French camp .

Selin's Rifles Homepage, Revolutionary War Reenactors
Nov 19, 2011 . Originally part of Ottendorff's Corps, authorized by Congress as a . After the Sullivan - Clinton Campaign, we served as frontier guards for the .

A Chronology of the Appointments & Commands of Captain Antoni ...
Thus a good portion of the research has also to deal with Major Ottendorf, . He was with Hazen near the end of the Revolution, 1781 to 1784, but many times when . After reviewing this I feel that this was compiled at a later date after the war .

Information about Miss Jenny of the American Revolution
Baron Ottendorf was a German mercenary who began fighting in the Revolutionary War on the side of the Americans. After Washington relieved him of duty in .

Book cipher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. book cipher which the Japanese were unable to cryptanalyze even after capturing . In the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold used a book cipher, sometimes . In the 2004 film National Treasure, an Ottendorf cipher is discovered on the .

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Ottendorf's Corps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Revolutionary War units of the United States . Ottendorf's Corps was raised on December 5, 1776 in eastern Pennsylvania for service with the .'s_Corps

National Treasure Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or ...
Swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards for more free movie scripts! . War followed. By the time of the American Revolution the treasure had been hidden again. By then the Masons . What's an Ottendorf cipher? - They're just .

Miss Jenny: British Spy - The American Revolutionary War
Page 1 of a Revolutionary War letter about Miss Jenny, by Baron Ottendorf, . Back at the French camp she was released, but only after they humiliated her by .


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National Treasure movie corrections
After cracking the clue of Silent Dogood letters, while leaving the shopping mall . the Presidential campaign but to battle campaigns during the Revolutionary War. . When describing the Ottendorf cipher, Ben says the groups of three numbers .

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American Revolution / American War of Independence ...
Before the Revolution, he was a well-to-do merchant. . In this letter, Ottendorf took the deposition of a woman spy who had infiltrated the French armies fighting .

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