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Tongue Bite: The Bane of Pipe Smoking
Tongue Bite: The Bane of Pipe Smoking by David Peterson. Nearly every pipe smoker eventually becomes familiar with the dreaded “tongue bite.” This bane of .


A Pipe Smoker's Primer -
Tongue bite is a common problem for the new pipe smoker. Your tongue and palate need to acclimate to the pH levels in the tobacco smoke; tobacco moisture .

Safer Smoking
To be blunt, some pipe-smokers with oral cancer may be cured completely (with or . If your mouth gets sore from smoking or you are suffering from tongue bite, .

Pipe Smoking 101: Tongue Bite - YouTube
Mar 24, 2009 . After receiving a lot of questions about tongue bite, I thought I'd do a video. Tongue bite is basically a chemical .

Tongue Bite and Pipe Smoking | Smoking Pipe Tobacco
May 16, 2009 . Tongue bite is one of the few unpleasant things about pipe smoking. I tell you about its causes, how to avoid it, and how to treat it in the video.

Art of Pipe Smoking
Probably the biggest stumbling block to becoming a pipe smoker is tongue bite. It's not price, because, over the long haul, pipes are cheaper than cigarettes.

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How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe: 8 steps - wikiHow
Jan 17, 2012 . It takes time to discover favourite tobacco blends and pipes that suit your tastes. Novice smokers often struggle with tongue bite. If you don't like .

Smoking pipe (tobacco) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For information about the practice of pipe smoking, see Pipe smoking. Parts of . on the tongue (referred to as "pipe tongue", or more commonly, "tongue bite").

Smoking Your Pipe : How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe
If you have properly packed and lit your pipe, your smoke should be cool and smooth. If you get “tongue bite,” that dreaded burning sensation on your tongue, .


What is Probe?

Blogonomicon :: Pipe Smoking
Wet tobacco causes high humidity in the smoke and this is the most common cause of the dreaded "tongue-bite." Keep plenty of pipe cleaners on hand and stick .

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The Pipe Rack: Tongue Bite: Oh No!
Jan 9, 2009 . Slow is very subjective in pipe smoking so keep slowing it down until tongue bite never happens, or rarely, then this will be the right pace for .

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