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Social effects of pornography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The effects of Pornography: An International Perspective" was an epidemiological study which found that the massive .


Bystander effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These researchers launched a series of experiments that resulted in one of the strongest and most replicable effects in social psychology. In 12 years they had .

The Psychological Effects of Violent Media on Children
Nov 29, 2011 . In retrospect studies have also shown a twelve percent increase in aggressive . Psychological Association says there are three major effects of .

Long term effects of Bullying in girls and boys - Child Psychology ...
Oct 14, 2009 . Several months ago I reported on a series of studies regarding the long term effects of bullying. See for example a discussion on factors that are .

Automaticity of Social Behavior: Direct Effects of Trait Construct and ...
For many years, social psychologists have studied the effects of priming on the individual's subsequent impressions of oth- ers. Priming refers to the incidental .

An Overview of the Psychological Literature on the Effects of Divorce ...
Despite decades of psychological research, there is still considerable debate in the field concerning the effects of divorce on children. While most studies have .

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Psychological Effects of Partner Abuse Against Men: A Neglected ...
Psychology of Men & Masculinity 2001, Vol. 2, No. 2, p. 75-85. Psychological Effects of Partner Abuse Against Men: A Neglected Research Area Denise A. Hines .

Evaluation of the Psychological Effects of Administrative Segregation
Study of the. Psychological Effects of. Administrative Segregation. By: Maureen L. O'Keefe, M.A.. Colorado Department of Corrections. 2862 South Circle Drive .

Milgram Experiment Ethics | | A website ...
In the interest of fairness, follow up research, performed after the experiment, indicated that there were no long term psychological effects on the participants.


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Psychological Entitlement: Interpersonal Consequences and ...
cal entitlement and assessing its interpersonal consequences. The Psychological Entitlement. Scale (PES) was found to be reliable and valid (Study 1, 2), not .

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Medical Studies on Circumcision
It is likely that genital cutting has physical, sexual and psychological consequences, too. Some studies link involuntary male circumcision with a range of .

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