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Dark Destinations - Fort Delaware State Park
Oct 11, 2008 . History - Fort Delaware sits on a patch of land known as Pea Patch Island, . Coast To Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America .


History of Fort Delaware
Fort Delaware "Ghost Stories" - Published articles by David Healy, "Rebel Spirits: Searching for Civil War ghosts at Fort Delaware" and "Chance meeting . Civil War GHOSTS at Fort Delaware (9781890690168 ... Civil War GHOSTS at Fort Delaware (9781890690168): Ed Okonowicz: . In the Vestibule: True Ghost Stories from the Del... by Ed Okonowicz .

Ghosts At An American Civil War Fort - Castle of Ghost ...
The stories that I am about to tell you are combined from the two summers that I worked at Fort Delaware and contain instances that I experienced and that many .

Fort Delaware apparitions! - Ghost Study
Visit our ghost detector store for all your Investigation needs . Chris writes, "I was looking for photos on the net of Fort Delaware for a personal project when I .

Delaware Ghost Hunters
Jan 24, 2012 . Welcome to Delaware Ghost Hunters . His story has been presented on Discovery Channel, Coast to Coast Radio, SCFY Channel.

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Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Delaware
Delaware City - Fort Delaware - This site (now a state park) was used as to . Many workers and tourists have seen ghostly images, felt cold places and heard voices. . From the outside you may see faces in the second story windows or a . An odd but true tale, and a strange presence can fairly easily be felt in Dead .

Ed Okonowicz Ghost Stories
Real Ghost Photos - SORTING OUT THE SHADOW PEOPLE PHENOMENA: DARK SHADOW . Ghost/History Lantern Tour, Fort Delaware (since 1997) .

Fort Delaware State Park 2011 Summer Program Guide
P.O.W. Weekends at Fort Delaware. Join us on the . stories and folklore associated with the ghosts said to haunt Fort . 19th to the 20th century, and how the story of Fort Delaware . Enjoy a real firing of the mortar, a small but loud piece .


What is Probe?

The Haunted Fort Delaware | Ghost Eyes
. Fort Delaware. July 22nd, 2009 | Real Haunted Places . Fort Delaware is an imposing building located along the Delaware Bay in Delaware City, Delaware.

List of Halloween TV Specials and Episodes @ The Classic TV ...
Ghost Hunters: "Fort Delaware Halloween Special" (2008) Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories: "Episode 1" (1991) Haunted .

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TAPS (Ghost Hunters) Fort Delaware Cannon Fire Comparison ...
Jun 19, 2008 . Episode footage next to Fort Delaware cannon fire footage. . Fort Delaware has never had any need to rely on ghost stories to sustain the place. . ive heard that cannon i was right next 2 it before while? shot its real loud .

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