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Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Wiki - The Resident Evil encyclopedia
Claire Redfield is a current member of the human rights organization, Terra Save. . who then attempts to kill her, and twelve-year-old Sherry Birkin, the daughter .


sherry birkin | Tumblr
Adult Sherry Birkin by ~Telera1701 . Have a scrap of fic, because I doubt Capcom is going to give us the Sherry and Claire reunion we were all imagining.

resident evil fanart | Tumblr
resident evil fanart · Explore more tags . #Leon Kennedy #Claire Redfield # Resident Evil. Loading... Hide notes . #Resident Evil RP #Sherry Birkin. Loading .

resident evil 2 survivors by ~mauroz on deviantART
a fan art of Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin. . Original Claire Redfield Lovers group avatar #TheFantasyAlliance group avatar #Videogamelovers *PRESS .

Resident Evil 2 Concept Art
how to play as claire in resident evil 2 on the PSN version. (2) . Claire Redfield - Resident Evil 2 Concept art . Sherry Birkin - Resident Evil 2 Concept art .

Resident Evil Books - Planet Resident Evil Wiki
Perspectives throughout the book include Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, Annette Birkin, Chief Brian Irons, and one at the end of .

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Quality Time by *psychicsocial on deviantART
Nov 11, 2011 . Sherry Birkin Extracted/Rigged by Grotesque; Fixed/Bones renamed by . Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin & Resident Evil are .

All Together Now... by *psychicsocial on deviantART
Mar 28, 2011 . This picture shows, from left to right: Leon S. Kenedy, Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside, Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Chris .

Who is Ark? - Ark Thompson
After parting ways with Claire Redfield, who favored to find her brother Chris, and also parting with Sherry Birkin, who was taken into custody of a supposed military . There were no fan-clubs, barely any fan-art, and certainly no video tributes.


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Claire/Jill - I will not die, I will survive 2.0 - YouTube
Mar 13, 2010 . (femslash) Video pairing Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine from . There are far too few Jill/Claire videos and fanfics out there. . Claire Redfield & Sherry Birkin - Now we're DefenseYasu2650 views · Thumbnail 4:36 .

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Leonkenndyful's Channel - YouTube
After surviving Raccoon City's zombie block party along with Claire Redfield, the . of S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield & Sherry (or Sherri) Birkin, daughter of . Video Games, Astronomy, Video Editing, Fanart, YouTube, Football, Peace, .

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