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what is vcard push Print E-mail

Push vCards
Aug 5, 2009 . Imagine taking a picture of someone's business card with your mobile phone and instantly being transferred to a page with specific information .


Verizon Can't Push vCard to V3m
I exported the contacts from my Moto Droid as a .vcf and I imported it into BitPim. I tidied them all up and tried pushing them to this Moto RAZR (I .

Send vCards with PUSH notifications to iPhone, save them in ...
Well I think you can do this. Just send a push notification and use the userInfo part to tell the app about the VCard. i don't kown if the userInfo can fit .

VCardParser - as3corelib
null) { vcards.push(vcard); } } else if(^ORG/i) != -1) { var org:String = line.substring(4, line.length); var orgArray:Array = org.split(";"); for each (var .

SendingBinaryMessagesAndSendingRingtones,OperatorLogos ...
In order to be able to send messages with content like ringtones, operator logos, WAP push or VCards you need to send a binary message. You must set the DC .,OperatorLogos,WAPPush,VCards

lib/App/Office/Contacts/Import/vCards/Controller/ ...
That, in turn, stashes records in $self -> param('vcard'); push @progress, ' parse_status => ' . $importer -> run; push @progress, 'vcard_count => ' . $ importer .

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App/Office/Contacts/Import/vCards/Util/vCards - MetaCPAN
substr($text, 7, 3); } push @{$$vcard{'phone'} }, { number => $text, type => $self -> phone_type, }; $self -> vcard($vcard); } elsif ($$element{Name} eq 'adr') .

Send vCard, vCalendar and WAP Push Message |
Sep 23, 2007 . Now I am going to show you how to send vCard, vCalendar and WAP push message. Take note that sending WAP push message is not fully . • View topic - vCard Contacts - all fields appear as ...
I've got the vCard backend working fairly nicely, however I've found that all the phone fields appear as "home" type on iPhone's running iOS 4.


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Samsung Convoy™ 2 Push to Talk Cell Phone | Verizon Wireless
Bluetooth® Profiles Supported: Serial Port Profile, Object Push (vCard & vCalendar only) Profiles, Stereo (A2DP), HSP, HFP, Basic Imaging Profile, Basic .

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$KCODE = 's' class Array def xpush (item) self.push(item) unless item.empty? end end class VCard def initialize @name = nil @yomi = nil @tels = [] @mails .

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